About Michael Giguere

Michael Giguere has been operating Array Strategies for over fourteen years. Array Strategies operates in the field of management systems development and organizational improvement. Prior to establishing this successful management consulting practice Michael was the Director of Registration Services at KPMG, QRI.

Michael Giguere has continued to evolve his organizational analysis acuity over the thirteen years (and counting) that he has been operating Array Strategies.  Array Strategies operates in the field of management systems development and organizational improvement.  Michael has assisted dozens of firms in achieving their goals for management system recognition including approvals from OEMs, regulatory bodies or management system registrars.   Michael prides himself on his ability to quickly discern the critical process steps and map them to governing criteria, thus assuring an effortless path to compliance with such governing criteria.  This is the basis of Michael’s tag line: “Bridging Process and Compliance”.

Prior to establishing this successful management consulting practice Michael was the Director of Registration Services at KPMG, QRI.   Michael was with KPMG, as a Senior Manager, for eight years including a final year when the ISO registration practice was under the ownership of BSi, one of the worlds largest registration firms.  He has over 30 years experience in Quality Management including hundreds of third party registration assessments to the ISO series of standards, conducted throughout the 1990’s and through the millennium change.  Michael has been the assessment team leader for teams involved in the registration of all manner of enterprises including those involved in financial services, distribution, general services, and all types of manufacturing

The ISO 9000 series of standards describe requirements for management controls necessary to assure the success of an enterprise through customer satisfaction, market focus and attention to operational controls required to support defined business and quality objectives.  Recent significant updates to the ISO series of management standards exemplifies the fact that such standards are intended to fundamentally improve the performance of an entity. Through Michael’s involvement with these third party assessments he has honed the skills necessary to efficiently analyze an operation and identify barriers to success.  Michael’s clients continue to provide positive feedback on his ability, in very compressed time frames, to uncover fundamental improvement opportunities. 

Michael also has a reputation as a very effective trainer in management systems and process auditing.  Michael imbues participants in his programs with a sense that the management system must add fundamental value to an enterprise, either through direct bearing on the bottom line or prudent risk management.  Feed back from program participants supports this contention.  Mike has been heavily involved in the design and development of the various programs he delivers.

The above skills have been developed on a career foundation that includes:

  • 7 (+1) years with KPMG QRI where Michael was one of a core team of five Senior Managers who were tasked with developing the registration business.  When he joined KPMG QRI was not yet accredited by the SCC and had only 2 clients.  The members of core team gravitated to tasks that best fit their natural abilities.  All team members were involved in the development of operational protocols, defining and supporting our interpretive stance and mentoring new team members.  Michael’s particular focus in this era was marketing and sales.  He developed presentations, presentation guides, trade show guides, coordinated involvement with various trade shows and authored numerous articles published in various media to promote the business.  By 1999 KPMG QRI dominated the QS registration business in Canada with 100% more QS clients in our roster that our closest competitor.  We employed the largest number of full time assessors of any registrar in the country and we were taking 35% of the new registration business.  At this juncture in the evolution of KPMG QRI a decision was made to establish a sales and marketing group and Mike became the Director of Registration Services.
  • Michael’s crowning achievement in his role as Director of Registration Services (Quality System Side) was for the system to withstand an SCC audit with zero nonconformities identified by the SCC in the year 2000, the final year that Michael fully occupied this role.  It must be noted that while occupying this role Michael was also billing time at clients in the range of 120 days per year.
  • 14 years Quality Management experience in the aerospace industry, auditing, implementing and maintaining advanced quality systems and techniques.  This experience consisted of 5 years as Quality Control Manager for the Gears and Transmission Division of Spar Aerospace Ltd. and 9 years supervising quality assurance at Walbar Machine Products Inc., a key supplier of turbine engine components.  In these roles Michael was responsible for control and interpretation of standards and specifications geared to military and public safety in aerospace components.   In this era Mike was involved with MIL, AQUAP, CSA Z 299 and a host of OEM quality management standards.
  •  Mike developed his natural entrepreneurial tendencies and highly attuned business acumen through the establishment of 2 successful owner managed retail operations.  One of these entities was in the fast food line and the other was in the beachwear and sun tanning line.