Management System Preventive Maintenance

“You invest money in maintenance programs for various aspects of your capital equipment. 

You do this to mitigate the risk of unplanned system or equipment down time.

How about investing in your management system to prevent apathy, complacency and entropy?  These organizational maladies will certainly lead to a host of risk exposure areas from customer dissatisfaction to non compliance with statutory requirements.

Array Strategies will enhance and maintain your management system by reviewing and critiquing your operating protocols against your organizational objectives, conducting internal audits of your processes, facilitating management reviews and overseeing and coaching the corrective action process.

Our management systems preventive maintenance programs include a variety of bundled services such as: internal audit, policy and procedure development, process analysis, system development or refinement, management review facilitation or business continuity planning.

We can tailor a program to your specific needs and bill you on a negotiated flat fee basis for a predefined scope of services.
If your organization is veering off course it may be time for an “alignment” check.  Check the alignment of your vision, mission, marketing efforts, sales direction, performance measures, accountabilities and process capacities and capabilities”.