Michael Giguere

Process Visionary, Facilitator,

Michael Giguere has continued to evolve his organizational analysis acuity over the eighteen years (and counting) that he has been operating Array Strategies.  Array Strategies operates in the field of management systems development and organizational improvement.  Michael has assisted dozens of firms in achieving their goals for management system recognition including approvals from OEMs, regulatory bodies, or management system registrars.   Michael prides himself on his ability to quickly discern the critical process steps and map them to governing criteria, thus assuring an effortless path to compliance with such governing criteria.  This is the basis of Michael’s tag line: “Bridging Process and Compliance”.

Michael also has a reputation as a highly effective trainer in management systems and process auditing.  Michael imbues participants in his programs with a sense that the management system must add fundamental value to an enterprise, either through direct bearing on the bottom line or prudent risk management.  Feed back from program participants supports this contention.  Mike has been heavily involved in the design and development of the various programs he delivers.